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SERVING ALL* YOUR GENRE NEEDS SINCE NOV09! {* =flashes scoring 3.00 and above only. Some holidays such as Madness, Christmas and Clock(!) Day may not apply. Side effects may include anything. Ask your doctor if "TomaO2 Genre Servising" is right for you}

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Games under 10k views. Lots and lots of games...

July 09
TEXTreme Adventure Text. In the old days, no one needed graphics.
The Chicken Race Shooter. "Direct" your chicken by shooting nearby.

Aug 09
Hovernauts Shooter. Multiplayer tank game with team arena battles.
Helium-3 Game Strategy. Mine and defeat your opponents with tanks. Multiplayer!
TD5000 Tower Defence. Longer path then usual. Good defence variety.
Haunt N Seek Hidden. NOT a fan of this genre but I give this one points for style.
Cannon Coinage Collect. Fire cannon, knock & collect coins. No breaking egg!
Chase Case Puzzle. Position your pieces. Surround target. Capture!

Sept 09
Save the Fallen Shooter. Your main goal is to rescue your comrades.
Pleiades: The Old Tale Avoider. 10k views! I like to read the text while playing.
Mafia - The Betrayer Choice. Gangsta theme. Work your way up the mafia ranks.
Genius Test Quiz. A game full of trick questions. Check out the sequels!
Rock Paper Dropkick Fighting. Rock, Paper, Scissor themed fighting game.
Word Magnate Typing. Typing meets the stockmarket.
Headspin: Card Quest Matching. Has a surprisingly strong storyline for the mirror images.

Oct 09
King's Island 2 Adventure. Plays a lot like Diablo.
Gran Turismo Skills Minigames. All games use a racecar theme.
Help in a Box Difference. Good story. Automatic "hint" system, watch for images shaking.
Flash Hound Shooter. Read instructions! Has a very unusual (unique?) style of play.
Steam of War RTS. Command a tank squad. Complete missions.
GUNROX: Gang Wars RTS. One of those base vs base games. Nothing too unique.
SpaceBattle Shooter. You get a team of ships (use 1 at a time) with unique abilitys.
Bullfist Action. Runner! Fast paced. Collect bulls to take down bigger obstacles.
Don't Shoot Me Collect. Collect the circles. Avoid bullets.
Tank Tactics Shooter. Make units, capture buildings, kill enemies. Protect your buildings!
Get Your Gear On Racing. School kid wants to become a bicycle champion. Emphasizes cycling safety.
Kings of Conquest (v3) Strategy. Build up your kingdom, gather resources & wipe out enemy empires.
Toilet Quest: Time To Pea Platform. The toilets have been stolen. Go rescue them! Strong storyline focus.
Negotiator Game Choice. A man is ready to jump off a building. Talk him down to safety.

Nov 09
Green Bomber Timing. Time your bombing runs to take out the target.
NFLRush 2 Minute Drill Sports. Pick your play, make the passes, get the touchdown.
The Killer Robot Factory Shooter. Try to get chain reactions.
Runnaway Telly Platformer. Character has an arrow that points to level's end.
FullMoon Click. Interact with the environment to get the food.
Pixelvader Shooter. Fun, vertical flight, space shooter.
Terra Strike m2 Strategy. Turn based. Position properly to take out the opposing team.
Big Bank Robbery 2.0 Avoid. Avoid the obstacles, get the money, escape.
DSDefense2 Tower. Guard your growing village from the woodland monsters.
CashMachine Match3. When you match3, it transform into a higher value item.
Ultimate Goat Gadget. Fake OS screen for pranking. Can go full screen.
Festival Fever Sim. Make a successful business out of an outdoor concert area.
Othexo Puzzle. Enclose, surround and convert your opponents pieces.
Blood Bath Bay Platform. Zombie outbreak! Can a cure be found under the sea?
FinalWay (Elvis / Button) Click. Please stop clicking it. Why won't you stop?
Learn Italian Pronto! Educational. Learn how to speak Italian.

Dec 09
Who Are You? Ch.1 Click. Use both the Wizard and Fighter to win.
Thief's Escape Runner. The screen is moving fast. Get treasure while you head for the exit.
Neon Climber Climb. Jump up the neon platforms.
NODUS 2 (updated) Escape. No pointless clicking to find stuff in this game!
Concentration. Minigames. I found the first minigame a bit confusing. Follow the dots with your cursor.
Roco's Glorious Adventure Platform.You can capture the bosses & put them in your ship. Neat!
Submarine Vs Aliens Shooter. Bullets shoot from the back of your sub, not the front.
The Adventure of quino Adventure. It awakes on a desolate planet. Find your memory chips.
KI1 Kaptivo's Rage Action. Diablo style gameplay.

Jan 2010
Spectrum Wings Shooter. Fun little space shooter game.
Point Of Isolation 2 Avoid. Avoid the dots. Cut the lines between them to win.
Speed Escape Escape. I like the dialogue interludes.
Stickman Smasher Skill. Squish all Sticks before they fall off the conveyer belts.


Jan 2010 (continued)
Final Light Platform. Rather pretty. You are in a cave, full of things that emit light. Manipulate them to progress.
Kingdoms 2 Strategy. Fun, turn based war game.
Fallin' Skill. Fall from the top platform to the bottom while hitting blocks in between.
Make a Snowman game Skill. Drop snowballs. Make them the right size for your snowmen.
Silent Destiny. Memory... Match. An EXTREME memory game.
Chain Connect Skill. blow up a dot, aim it's debris to hit the next one.
DaD Wargame. Manage your little territory and take over the island.
Troglodytes Strategy. move your Troglodytes to the upper border of the board.
Fluxball Action. It's pong but with a twist.
Mystery Jigsaw Adventure. A combination of hidden object, jigsaw puzzles & a detective storyline.
Green Thumb Greg Sim. Mow the lawn. Avoid the hazards.
RKF Shooter. RKF means Rhythmic Kicking Firehead. It is a shooter/rhythm game.
Causality! Puzzle. Cause accidents in the building to kill everyone off. Don't get caught!
Puppet Wars Fighter. Death match battles where you spin your body to attack.
The Bug Game Collect. Top down view. You can also raise/lower the bug for additional depth of play.
Polygon Apocalypse Shooter. Love the narration. Great intro. "you killed a square!". lol

Feb 2010
Cluster Lander Action. Guide your ship through the twisty paths. Great tutorial!
WereBox Puzzle. Change from a square to circle to get rid of the red shapes.
The Maze Temple Maze. Work through the maze . Keep ahead of the daemon.
Cryptoquote Challenge Quiz. A cryptoquote is a word puzzle game that consists of short pieces of encrypted text.
MegaDrill Action. Dig down into the earth to salvage it's treasures.
You Create the Next Level Quiz. Game with levels created by the players. Solve the Level & click Next.
Bubbles by LongAnimals Collect. You got 60 seconds. Pop the bubbles.
Toy Tales Puzzle. Similar to a Match3 game, only you draw a line through the matching boxes.
Grammar Police: A Game Quiz. Help her understand the meaning of various words.
Stagecoach Shooter. Protect the stagecoach from bandits.
+Ionic TD! Wow this was a fantastic TD game. Great storyline and unique style of play! A must add for the contest!

March 2010
+Boss Rush Shooter. 12K VIEWS. A horizontal space shooter game where YOU are the end boss. Controls are clunky but AWESOME concept!
Close Call! Avoid. Don't just dodge. To get points, it has to be a "close call".
Narcissistic doodle Gadget. Draw a doodle and then watch it create copies of itself.
Splatz! Collect. Create a chain reaction when you splat the red dots.
Line Game: Lime Edition Avoid. a mouse maze. Close-up variation.
Aachoo! Platform. Get the pig to the vaccines until one finally works!
Snow Plow Puzzle. Use the plow to get rid of the unwanted snow.
Earth Onslaught Shooter. Use the base cannon to take down the approaching hoards.
Space Chaos Shooter. 10K VIEWS. Huge enemy space stations are attacking, Save the universe!
Climbing Clive Platform. Giant boulders are coming. Create platforms to jump over them.
BallFrog Puzzle. Hit the targets with your VERY bouncy ball.
Inner Zombie Shooter. Destroy all the zombie cells before they can take over the bloodstream.
Jailbreak Rush Skill. Don't let the guards find out about the escape plan in this timing game.
1928 Platform. I liked the author in-game comments for this.
Evacpod Avoider. You are in an escape pod. Avoid the debris and get to safety.
Easter Spot Difference Difference. The images are not identical or mirror images but are shot on two entirely different camera angles. Interesting!

Apr 2010
Anima :) Skill. A simple and odd little game.
Cluster Chaos Shooter. Nice space game with good storyline. The adverts are a bit much though.
Caz-Away Adventure. help your little castaway with time management so he can escape the island.
Fantasy Zoo Sim. You own a zoo, help it grow. Plenty of creative decisions as to how you will run the place.
+Suit-Able Platformer. Godlimitations does fantastic games! you wake up underground and must wear an "invulnerable" suit to survive.
GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars Shooter. Move around, stick the particles to the ship. Fire them off to take down the asteroids.
Trans Gem Skill. An Arkanoid game with a moving block structure.
Skybolt Strategy. Defend your island from the missile onslaught.
Pixel Basher skill. More arkanoid style game play but with lots of fun upgrades and effects!
Mine Link 2 Action. Chain reaction. I like how you can get a power-up for the next level if you do well in the previous one.
Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle. Have you ever played jigsaw with your own image? Now you can.


Apr 2010 (continued)
King of the Rocks RTS. Great capture the base game. Lots of game play depth.
Skepquiz2 Quiz. A quiz full of random trivia.
Omega Crisis Shooter. Fire the station's main gun to take down enemies. Build towers to help.
Watch Paint DRY ! Click. 10K VIEWS. When they say, watch paint dry, they MEAN it!
Escape From Planet Doom Shooter. Strong storyline is a high mark in this shooter.

May 2010
Snake Runaway Avoider. Go as far as possible while avoiding the electric bar and enemy snakes.
Bob the Thief Puzzle. You get X amount of steps. Use them to steal and escape.
The Hell Evolution Platform. An incredibly hard, unfair platform game.
Made For Someone Special Art. An art game with a message for someone special.
Twist Bang Match3. Innovation is that you move 4 blocks at a time, not 2.
Hardball Frenzy Toss. Take the targets out with the bouncy ball.
Off The Wall 2 Avoid. Don't let the reds push you against the wall.
Pedro Chegou Music. A soothing, foreign,music video.
Drow's Fury RPG. Top down action/RPG.
Tigsy and the Stars Collect. Have Tigsy jump up and grab the stars.
Super Dad Minigames. Take care of the baby by doing these mini games.
Aurora (BrainGames247) Avoid. The innovation is that you create the asteroids that you have to avoid, yourself.
Absentia - Episode 1 Hidden Object. 10K VIEWS. A very interesting version with a mystery to solve!
Lil Red from da Hood Adventure. Red Riding hood. Ghetto style.
Genesis Part 1.0 Shooter. 10K VIEWS. Awesome storyline for this time-stopping shooter.
Sim Starbase Sim. Try to keep the inhabitants of a space station alive.
Operation Chaos Shooter. Fun shooter with cool particle effects.
Pit Bug Platform. Superior climbing game. Jump upwards as fast as you can to beat the rising water.
Tyrian : TD - Level 2 Tower. A spacy TD game.
Klikwerk Rhythm. Point, click. drag and space your way through this game.

June 2010
Space Base Defender Tower. No set paths, towers must be constructed near the base.
Orvil's Point and Clicker Click. You need rent money. This has great humor in it!
Time Decay Shooter. Cute shooter with a time slow function.
orchard Harvest Match3. Move the fruit around the grid to match them up.
Draw Story 2 Platform. Draw stuff to help you through the levels.
Droids at the Gates Tower. Droids are trying to tear down the walls of your base. Kill them before they do.
Canine Cruisers Timing. It's a race to the edge of the cliff. Don't fall over.
3D Drawing (kinda) Gadget. Draw a line.. Spin it around. Make it 3D. Cool effect!
The Sphere: Basix Collect. Catch all the squares on the spinning 3D circle.
Royal Envoy Stategy. As Chief city planner, construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens.
Heliguardian War RTS. Make helecopters to send against the enemy base.

July 2010
Runestone Arena RPG. Decent turn-based game of gladiatorial combat.
Painter Wars Quiz. Guess what the pictures are of, then draw your own!
poopee little bacteria Avoid. Keep jumping to avoid the things that will eat you. Love the twisty pathing.
Alien Invasion v2 RTS. Some resource gathering is added in this futuristic RTS.
BubbleVsBubble Toss. Push the red bubbles off the screen while keeping your green ones within.
Little Stars Players Pack RTS. Capture all the bases on the screen.
Conversation With Death Choice. Talk Death into letting you come back to life.
The Pinball Adventure Other. Pretty decent pinball game.


+ = strongly recommended by myself.

If possible, I would like to donate any winnings to Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign.

Ron Paul is the only-anti war candidate running for president on either party for the election. I strongly believe in his message of peace, freedom and prosperity.

This is a powerful typography that demonstrates some of the reasoning behind his anti-war beliefs.

He has NEVER voted to raise taxes.

He has NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget.

He has NEVER voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.

He has NEVER voted to raise congressional pay.

He has NEVER taken a government-paid junket.

He has NEVER voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted AGAINST the Patriot Act.

He voted AGAINST regulating the Internet.

He voted AGAINST the Iraq war.

He voted AGAINST giving Wall Street bailouts, which allowed the executives to keep their bonuses.

He DOES NOT participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

He wants to END the futile, federal war on drugs that harms so many of the poor, sick and disadvantaged.

He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

He gets his donations from regular people, including more donations from active military personal then any other republican candidate combined (and also Obama).

He is the only serious contender, not bought out by big corperations who control our corporatist system that makes sure that the little guy gets squeezed out.

PS. Hey Tom, if you don't mind, could you combine all these posts into one big post like last year? Thanks!

Recent Game Medals

Fire Starter 5 Points Finish the episode. Medal Stats.
Brainz 5 Points Kill a zombie. Medal Stats.
Meet Naomi 5 Points Fend off the Zombie and meet Naomi. Medal Stats.
Wake Up 5 Points Wake Up Medal Stats.
Halo 5 Points Obtain the Halo. Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 10 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
Warrior 25 Points Kill 25 Executioners. Medal Stats.
Sinner 10 Points Disobey 10 different commands. Medal Stats.
Gun 5 Points Obtain the Gun. Medal Stats.
Sword 5 Points Obtain the Sword. Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 1,035 (From 362 different games.)